dude, being addicted to fanfiction is so weird. you stay in front of your computer for hours a day reading different versions of those same characters falling in love and fucking again, again, again and again. and yet, we’re looking for more, creating more, making fanarts because, apparently, nothing in the world is more fulfilling than fictional love, the love we cannot have. that’s either inspiring or unsettling. or both.


Fic: Bed Sheets and Blow Jobs


Yeah, I’m sorry about the title, it’s all I could come up with. I didn’t try very hard though

Title: Bed Sheets and Blow Jobs
Pairings: Steve/Tony
Universe: MA-ish. Or a 616 where things are happier and nothing hurts
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7,900
Warnings: It’s shmoopy and porny and ridiculous. I’m starting to sense a theme here. 

Notes: brandnewfashion made the horrible mistake of asking for fluff. And then no one stopped me.  And seriously, if anyone can think up a better title I’ll love you forever.

Thank you captainshellhead for editing! 

Summary: Steve isn’t great at communicating his intent. Tony is really great at jumping to the wrong conclusions. 

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